Friday, March 2, 2007

How to get all the attention (Part 1)

Do you have the skills to make men flock to you in droves? If not, keep reading!

So, you went out with the girls and you’re at a table, but a few tables away there is a bunch of really cute guys – what do you do? Make sure your lips are glossed and smile. Glance over to their table and make eye contact, look away… repeat. If this does not convey to the guy that you would like him to say hi, then go to plan b.

Plan B: send a note or go there yourself.
Walk over and introduce yourself, but don’t hang around too long… 90 seconds max – and leave them.
The ball is now in his hands.

Out at the club? Sway those hips girl! If you don’t have the moves go for “sensual dancing lessons”, not only will it work those muscles, but will also add some sensuality to your dancing and stride.

Whatever your trick… enjoy the hunt for Mr Perfect or Mr Right-For-Now!

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Anonymous said...

balls? hahaha