Thursday, March 22, 2007

Date 11: The holiday non-romance guy (english guy)

I have been chatting to this guy for quite some time and as I was on holiday at the coast, (where he lives) we decided to meet at a “local club/bar”.

At the club:
We were 5 girls out to have a good time and Mr Holiday. Lets just say this upfront, I think he was really into me and I was so not gonna say no to some intelligent conversation. I'll admit that I got a bit too drunk on this evening - as this was my official pre-birthday-going-into-my-birthday outing.

At home:
At the end of the evening he wanted to stay at our place - we said yes, as we had a spare mattress that we could take into the livingroom for him. Unfortunately Mr Holiday had thought that I would join him for some "fun" in the living room! He jumped in his car and left revving his car... and my friends thought he was cute!

The Explanation
No guy has the right to expect a woman to roll over and play sex kitten.

The Verdict


Cellulite Bitch said...

I have to disagree, your friends definitely did not think he was cute, come on the dude was from Pinetown.

I must say he did make me laugh a lot when he drove away at a top speed of 160 at 2 o clock in the morning when you told him to get lost. Moral of the story, sometimes it's better not to meet online guys in real life cause in real life you can't get rid of them with a double click.

Anonymous said...

Pnetown! Surely you could see him coming!

Did he have spinners on the wheels and a mullet by any chance??