Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Your guide to a fabulous outing

The live sporting event
We know that you’re probably not a sports fanatic – but you know what, men are. Get your girlfriends and go! I promise you will attract many a sports fanatic’s eye and have loads of eye candy. Best of all you would’ve experienced a fun day/night out.

* We went to a one day international between South Africa and Pakistan – on Valentine’s Day. We decided only at noon that … mmm
why not? We walked two kilometers to the stadium – on heels and in office wear. We enjoyed this adventure tremendously!

Night at a trendy restaurant
Drag those lazy single friends out to a trendy restaurant for dinner and cocktails – you might be lucky enough to have a cute waiter or better yet, a table right next to you filled with guys! Plus – you don’t have to try eat one of those TV dinners you live on!

The physical activity night out
Volleyball, tenpin bowling, whatever – if you’re not a player, go as a proud supporter. You will probably enjoy the scenery more than expected!

* We went to a company teambuilding event and ended up being the last people to leave. I should probably mention that the barmen were young and dangerously hot. We had body shots off them – and they were the ones insisting on making us drink!

Learning new skills
Have you ever considered learning to play poker? This is a skill based game – and you may one day play against a cute guy that you can impress. Did I mention this is a fun activity to play with the girls and guys alike? (Un)Fortunately we are not that adventurous - but you could always play strip poker

* We played poker with the guys after a wild night out. The guys appreciated the competition and company – and we only got to bed at five in the morning. I felt like a train drove over me – twice, but it was worth the good company.

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Anonymous said...

were the guys at least hot at the cricket?