Saturday, March 17, 2007

Date 10: The guy with the most amazing smile

I find myself in a very precarious situation as I met this amazing guy in very unusual circumstances (which I will not mention).

Within a few minutes of meeting this guy – I knew that he is everything that I thought he would be and so much more. He has the most amazing smile, personality and hands. (I think that I could drown in that smile and melt in those arms! *sigh*) I’ll admit, I know nothing about him, except what he does and his name, but… I’m speechless.(So girls, there are still some really nice guys out there.)

The Explanation
I really enjoyed meeting him, but the circumstances in which we met might not have been all that ideal. On the other hand – he did sms me the next day before he went to work – and that is a definite brownie point with me. So right now I have to step back and not try and push this.

The Verdict
I would love to get to know you.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Suz, you gotta spill... you never have something good to say about da boys - who is this mystery man? And what exactly is "unusual circumstances"?

Susann Deysel said...

How about ... no?

Anonymous said...

Can the real Mr Smiley please stand up?!?

Anonymous said...

You cannot be this secretive on this subject!