Friday, March 2, 2007

Kudos for Online Dating

The best part of meeting people on a dating website is that you always end up with a couple of really nice friends or introduce a friend to her dream man. Did I mention that you get loads of emails and you can become addicted to logging in? It also is a great pick me up when you see that you’ve gained another fan!

I read a profile once of a guy in Pretoria called “BruinBrood”. This guy sounded so perfect for a friend. I set them up on a blind date – without meeting him. Obviously my friend was mortified at the mere thought of a blind date. She eventually allowed me to forward her number to him. They set up a coffee date. They started dating and got married not long after.

This one doesn’t have a happy ending, but … I dated this guy 3 years and I met him online. It just turned out that he was not man enough for me.

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got a man to introduce to me?